Our Staff

Our Staff
Our drivers are dedicated to Customer Service and Professionalism. They remain with Blue Bubble for many years as the toplight and signage pays dividends for the number of trips that our drivers get each day.

If you sit at the back of a taxi rank and passengers you will notice that passengers will walk past other taxis to get into a Blue Bubble Cab.

The current Requirements to be a driver at a Blue Bubble Company are:
  • A “P” Passenger Endorsement on their Driving Licence with a “Fit & Proper” Person check
  • A full driving NZ license for two years,
  • Extensive knowledge of the Queenstown and surrounding areas.
  • All our drivers also have regular drug and alcohol testing

Some Companies may need you to meet other requirements but the above is the minimum legal requirement.

Also, if our drives hold a Passenger service Licence (PSL) they are able to work for an owner or owners under contract, which can provide for much more flexible arrangements than just being an employee.